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Cedega is the core technology behind GameTree Linux, a compatibility layer by TransGaming to play Windows Games on Linux.

Cedega Wiki mainly consists of a games database to keep track of games that can be played on Linux using Cedega, and hints on how to get them to run better. Besides there is a lot of general information and documentation related to linux gaming itself, configuring various distributions for Cedega and gaming, installing graphics drivers, etc.

Our wiki succeeds the old TransGaming Wiki, which was abandoned in late 2007. Although many pages were already revised, most of them still contain outdated information and are really in need of updates. Therefore, we need your help!

We strive to make sure the data here is as up-to-date and accurate as possible and hope it is useful. However, this is an unofficial wiki and the information comes with no warranty at all. It is only based on user experience – issues may vary from system to system.

If you have experience with any games not already listed here, working or not, please add the game. If you don't feel comfortable about writing the page, you can try at the Test Page or just send us the details. Also, if you see anything that is inaccurate feel free to correct it.

No registration required! Everyone is allowed to contribute, only some of the more advanced functions require you to login or create an account.

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Cedega is not available anymore. We recommend CrossOver from CodeWeavers to play Windows games on Linux.

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