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How do I install Cedega or Point2Play?

The distributions page might have a specific howto for your Linux distribution. If not, refer to the Cedega-howto.

Where are the config files?

  • If you are using Cedega command line, the config file is located in ~/.transgaming/config.
  • If you are using Point2Play, the config files for each game are located in ~/.point2play/<game> and should be modified only via the 'Configure' button in Point2Play.


How do I test if my graphics card has OpenGL support?

To test if you graphics card has OpenGL support, open a console and type:

  glxinfo | grep render

Can I test my graphical performance?

Yes, you most certainly can, open a console and type:


For comparison, a 2Ghz AMD with a Geforce 5900FX makes about 5400 FPS in the original-sized window. Fewer than about 1000 suggest you either lack 3D acceleration (or it is too slow to be useful) - fewer than 800, and the Cedega GUI will report a fail on the 3D acceleration test.

How do I enable Pixel Shaders?

  • To enable them in Point2Play, click the Icon for the game you want them to be enabled for. Then click configure and scroll down the list and an option about pixel shaders will be listed, check this option and pixel shaders will be enabled.
  • To enable them in Cedega, open ~/.transgaming/config and search for the lines;
"PixelShaders" = "Y"
Check if this is indeed set to Y.
  • In order for pixel shaders to work, you need card which supports ARB_fragment_program in OpenGL. To check this, you can type:
glxinfo|grep ARB_fragment_program
and if this returns anything (the output varies between cards), it is supported. If not, it doesn't. Due to differences between OpenGL and DirectX, ARB_fragment_program is only supported on FX or better Nvidia cards. This means that, f.i., a GeForce 3 will not be able to support Pixel Shaders under Cedega/Linux, even though it's hardware could and indeed does under Windows.

Various Settings

How do I set the windows version?

  • On the command line, use -winver version like in cedega -winver winxp YourGameHere.
  • In Point2Play, select the icon of the game you want to run, then click Configure, scroll down until you see a dropdown box labeled Winver. Select the version you need, and then click Apply.

While most games run fine with the default setting win98, some need win2k, especially newer titles and titles with problematic copy protection.


TypeError: unsubscriptable object

This happens when you've manually created an icon or imported a ~/.transgaming/c_drive. It's a bug in Point2Play.

The complete error message will look something like this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/transgaming_point2play/", line 1723, in play_cb
  File "/usr/lib/transgaming_point2play/", line 1710, in play_game
    retval = self.Point2Play.winex( 0, game_name, i["Path"], i["Workdir"], 
debug_channel=debug_channel, output_file=output_file, output_console=
output_console, run_in_gdb=run_in_gdb, CustomGameConfig=i["GameConfig"])
  File "/usr/lib/transgaming_point2play/", line 857, in winex
    for subsect in all_game_sections['sections']:
TypeError: unsubscriptable object

It occurs when Point2Play tries to parse a Game.config file containing no data. A simple fix is to set at least one option for the game through the Point2Play configuration interface. For example, switch managed of and on then apply the changes.

My keyboard doesn't work when I run a game

Check if the default option "Managed" is still on either by looking in ~/.transgaming/config or via the config options in Point2Play. This tells Cedega to let your window manager manage the windows. If turned off, they are not.

How do I disable pthreads in Point2Play?

To disable pthreads in Point2Play edit the ~.point2playrc file and modify pthreads_forced=auto to phtreads_forced=off

The CDrom tests are marked yellow, how do I fix this?

You will need to chmod a+r your cdrom device. (As root.)


# chmod a+r /dev/hdd
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