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Cedega Wiki is NOT an encyclopedia. Wikipedia does a better job! This means, you are welcome to create or link to a page named, for example "Pixel Shaders", if you want to help people with configuration of pixel shaders, list bugs or driver options. If you do, you can also include a short conclusion on pixel shaders. Please do not create a page a page just to describe what Pixel Shaders are. If you find it useful to link a special word to it's explanation, you can link it to Wikipedia using Interwiki links. Just add the wp: prefix, like I did for the word "InterWiki links" in this guideline: [[wp:Interwiki links|Interwiki links]]

Game Series

Pages with the name of a game series should either redirect to the category of that series, or to the full title of a game, if that is the more common use of the term.

Style Guide

  • Use impersonal style on wiki pages, eg. write "Patch XYZ untested" instead of "I did not test the patch."
  • Please do not leave personal notes on the game pages.
  • Discussions should always go on the Discussion tab, not on the article or game page itself.
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