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If you want to add a game, please adhere to these guidelines:

  • All Game pages start with the category, followed by the game info table described below.
  • Pages should be written in plain and understandable english. Use a spellchecker if you have problems with spelling.
  • Discussions will not take place on the wiki page. The discussion tab is there for a reason.

General Pointers

Some other general pointers I would appreciate you take into account when creating/editing wiki articles:


There are two categories a game must be in. [[Category:Games]] should be present first in order to make the page appear on the game index. Then you will need to choose an additional category in order to make it appear in the working, partially-working, or non-working categories. The names for these categories are;

  • [[Category:Working]]
  • [[Category:Partially-working]]
  • [[Category:Not-working]]

Choose one according to whether your game works or not.

If a game is officially supported by Transgaming, be sure to add [[Category:Supported]].

Also, if a game has a playable demo that is known to work, please add [[Category:Has_Working_Demo]] to the game's page.

I recommend taking a look at the wiki source for CedegaWiki:Example Game Page as an example for your game page. (Just hit the edit button.)


It would also be nice if you would try to keep your wiki pages valid XHTML. To check if they are, feed your page to this HTML validator.

If this sounds to difficult for you, just let it alone. :) Generally, if you use wikicode and don't change any rows of the table the page will be valid XHTML.

To add a game

First change the url to game name, the wiki will then manipulate the url so spaces are turned into underscores, etc. Click on the edit tab and start writing.

Make sure that the page contains the following things;

  • It has to have at least two categories. (Three if the game is supported.) [[Category:Games]], [[Category:Supported]] and [[Category:Working/Partially-Working/Not-working]] which you will edit to suit the game's state. These are required because otherwise the game does not show up in the list. Read more about categories.
  • The Game Info table as described below.
  • An issues section. This section will describe all possible issues and you should write it like this:
== Issues ==
* issue 1
* issue 2
* etc.

if a game doesn't have issues, write this:

== Issues ==
* None known

Game Info table

Write the categories and game info table at the top. If you don't know about an information, just drop it's line. Leaving it empty (like "|game=" does NOT work!

Note: As of the new wiki, synthax of the game info table has changed. Although the old tables still work, we're asking you to use the new style when creating new pages or updating existing ones. This will allow for a change to the game tables' format later on.

{{Game Info
|Version		= 1.0
|Installer	= Works, no known problems
|Game		= Works, no known problems
|Patch		= Works, no known problems
|Demo		= Works, no known problems
|Multiplayer	= Works, no known problems
|Patch download	= [ Description]
|Demo download	= [ Description]
|Works with	= {{best|7.3.3}}, 6.0.5
|Tested with	= 7.3.3, 6.0.5
|Requires crack	= No
|Supported	= Yes
|Links		= [ Description]

See CedegaWiki:Example Game Page for an example.


Up to 2 screenshots can be included as thumbnails on the right of the page. To include a Screenshot, insert the following code bevore the Game Info Table:


If you there are more screenshots and you think that they all are important, you can create a gallery under a separate heading like this:

== Additional Screenshots ==
File:Example_screenshot.png|Screenshot 1
File:Example_screenshot.png|Screenshot 2

See CedegaWiki:Example Game Page for an example.


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