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Here is a list of all game articles that need some way of fixing. What needs to be fixed is enlisted at the top of the game page but a small explanation of what everything means is enlisted below.

If you would like to help us with updating these pages, please make sure you've read the guidelines and format the game article according to the rules explained there.

An exceptions to this is "CedegaWiki:Adding a game", which does not need to be updated.


Demo needs testing

In this category you can find all games that have untested demos. The demo should be tested with a version of Cedega to see if it runs or not. If it does, change the game info table to include details about the demo and change the working status of the row "Demo works" to "Yes" or "No"

Multiplayer needs testing

The games in this category have a multiplayer mode that is untested. Test the game's multiplayer mode, change the working status of the "Multiplayer works" row to "Yes" or "No", then remove the template and if applyable add the issues if any in the issues section.

Needs testing

Games in this category have been tested with old Cedega versions or are known to work with a version of Cedega which has been included on the wiki page, but not tested. If you find that one version of Cedega works best with the game you've tested, enclose the Cedega version with a template. Like so:


It will then show up with a bold font, a green background and the words "(best)" will be put behind the version.

7.3.3 (best)

Tested demo only

The informationg of the games in this category is only related to the demo version as the author of the page did not have the full game. If you have the full game, please update the article.


This category has the following 4 subcategories, out of 4 total.

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