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Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn of War

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Game Info

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Game version 1.51
Installer Works, some minor issues, patch install issues
Game Works, but significant loading delays (when unpatched)
Patch Works with cedega 5.2.4 and up (Did not work with earlier versions)
Download patch Fileplanet link to 1.41 full patch
Fileplanet link for 1.41 to 1.5
Fileplanet link for 1.50 to 1.51
Demo works Partially - same issues as full game
Download demo Mirror list
Requires no-cd patch No (as of 1.5)
Multiplayer works Dawn of War (1.5) works fine on a LAN
Dawn of War (1.51) somehow requires that you should be the host when starting large multiplayer games.
Works with Cedega version(s) 5.2.10 (best), 5.2.4, 5.1, 5.03, 4.4, 4.2.1, 4.2, 4.1.1
Tested with Cedega version(s) 5.2.10, 5.2.4, 5.1, 5.03, 4.0.1, 4.1.1, 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.4
Supported by TransGaming No
URLs Official Site


DoW "Gold Edition" (incl WA) doesn't install
The installer has been updated between releases and as well as containing the 1.4 patch, the MSI installer fails to complete. Installing under Windows (or under WINE) and copying will work.

Game and Menu are very slow (possibly just ATi issue)
In Video settings untick ARB_VBO. Disabling pixel shaders may help also

Game starts in a window
Dawn of War appears to start itself in 'safe mode' if something goes wrong during startup. Let it start, quit, and start it again to fix this.

Intro movie is very choppy
This appears to happen when winver=win2k. Setting winver=win98 appears to correct this issue.

Numerous textures in menues and loading screens fail to load
This appears to be caused by the game using NPOT Textures. Support for these textures is provided as of Cedega 4.2, although you may have to disable vertex shaders on older cards to make it work (See link for more information).

The installer does not register input by the keypad when entering the serial number.
Hit the numlock key.

With Versions of Cedega prior to 4.1.1, attemping to start the game results in nothing happening.
Update Cedega to 4.1.1. Dawn of War needs iphlpapi.dll, which has only been included in Cedega as of 4.1.1.

Patching works with cedega 5.2.4.
Patching now works as of Cedega 5.2.4. Also, the 1.5 patch removes the copy protection from the game so a no-CD patch is not required after patching to 1.5.
Note: You still have to apply these patches on a Dawn of War installation on a Windows machine and then copy the files across. The patched DoW version will work with Cedega, yet the patching process itself will not!

Patching DoW 1.0 - 1.41 Full
Problem description: Patching DoW displays a blank screen and hangs.
Change the Options to display in windowed mode. This will help install up to 1.3. At the end of the patch, after a restart, a blank window is displayed. Switch back to cedega, highlight the install text and select stop.
Problem description: Patching DoW 1.4 or installing Winter Assault displays a title #Winex#CON /C Fix140.bat and hangs.

  • Run cedega from a shell.
  • Navigate to and kick off the 1.4 patch or WA install.
  • Proceed to Fix140.bat error in window.
  • Switch back to shell.
  • Hopefully cedega has errored with a file not found and dumped to a "c>" prompt
  • Type Fix40.bat to commit the changes
  • Type exit
  • Switch back to install window and continue patch
TAKEN FROM: RelicNews original forum post all credit to Pillock, the original poster of this patch install method.

Unresolved Issues

<p>Demo Installer takes a hideously long amount of time registering components.

It will finish eventually, duration is known to be less than two hours but not much else is known. Exactly what causes this is unknown but has been observed in other games. This does not happen to the full version.

Sound doesn't work (Works with Cedega 5.1)
Investigation of this problem has shown that all sound is being lost in the sound process somewhere earlier in the chain than DirectSound. While sound has been shown to work for some users, the reasons why have yet to be discerned. It is potentially related to the Nitro4 patchset, but this has not been confirmed.

Sound now seems to work fine using cedega 4.4 with ALSA drivers

A copy of the intro movie that you can watch with sound, is available at the GCNetworks site - you need to register to view.

Sound works fine with cedega 5.1 and Game patched to Version >= 1.40 !

Game suffers from long loading delays.
Cause is unknown, The only advice that can be offered at this time is that it's a great time to go get a snack.

This was fixed by manually applying the 1.41 patch as described above.

Note: At a Windows based CyberCafe/LAN I noticed that DoW had a long load time with a black screen. This was due to the movies not playing but not being skippable. This may or may not be related.

Menues flicker and disappear depending on location of the mouse cursor
Cause is unknown.

This was fixed by manually applying the 1.41 patch as described above.

Expansion Packs

  • Winter Assault - works great with some issues described below.
  • Dark Crusade - Mostly work great!

Expansion Packs Issues

  • Winter Assault: The installation does not work in cedega. You have to install in windows and then copy the installation to your linux box and add the necessary entries to System.reg .
  • Winter Assault: You have to use a No-CD Patch, as copy protection does not work (fixed by applying the 1.5 patch which removes the copy protection).

Note: Installing Winter Assault will upgrade or downgrade your Dawn of War installation to version 1.40

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