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The Ward

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This game's demo has not yet been tested. If you have more information regarding the working status of the demo, please add it, make sure your information is formatted according to the guidelines and then remove this notice.


Game info

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Game version 1.09
Installer Works, issue described below
Game Works, several issues described below
Patch Works, no known problems
Download patch Mirrorlist (
Demo works unknown
Download demo Mirrorlist (
Requires no-cd patch No
Multiplayer works N/A
Works with Cedega version(s) 4.2.1
Tested with Cedega version(s) 4.2.1
Supported by TransGaming No



  • In order to install the game you will need to check on "Run Directory". Otherwise the game will popup an errorbox saying;
InitResource (RESDIR.DAT)
  • All installation types seem to work, but you may run into some problems switching CDs when doing the large installation. Switch to a virual desktop or use Ctrl + Alt + F2 to switch to a terminal, log in as a normal user, then type:
umount /path/to/your/mountpoint/
eject the CD and put in the second CD. Then type:
mount /path/to/your/mountpoint/
Do the same thing when the game asks for disc 1 again. If you do not know what mount point you are using, click on the (un)mount button in Point2Play, there you can see the device name, followed by the mountpoint, followed by the mount state.
  • The installer will come up with an error saying that it cannot create a program group. Quit the installer and manually create an icon.


  • Cutscenes do not work.
  • Game may crash when trying to play a cutscene.
  • If you do not update the game, it will need a no-cd patch.
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