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The Settlers III

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This game's demo has not yet been tested. If you have more information regarding the working status of the demo, please add it, make sure your information is formatted according to the guidelines and then remove this notice.

Game Info

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Game version v1.60 (German Gold Edition)
Installer Works, minor graphical issues
Game Doesn't start
Patch unknown
Download patch Search for Settler patch (
Demo works Have not tried yet.
Download demo 3D Gamers -- Multi- and singleplayer demo
Requires no-cd patch Yes
Multiplayer works unknown
Works with Cedega version(s) -
Tested with Cedega version(s) v4.0.1 (Point2Play v1.3.2)
Supported by TransGaming No
URLs The Settlers -- Official homepage
3D Gamers -- Info page


  • Install starts with CD 2!
  • Installer has some minor graphical issues with the background overlapping the taskbar
  • Game does not work w/o a NO-CD patch: when started via Point2Play, simple exits after a few seconds, and under debugging just displays an error and exits, too.
  • After installing a NO-CD patch (v1.60 - I do not know what version the original Gold edition has because it doesn't start!), the game starts, but doesn't run. When using Point2Play, the game display Please instert CD 1 into your drive and pressing OK doesn't work. When using Cedega directly, the game starts, but the background is red (instead of sand-colored) and the following message appears in a message box window: Structural Exception c0000005 occured at 0x004a6707 Read from c failed


  • Have not tried multiplayer.
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