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The Settlers: Heritage of Kings

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Game Info

Game version 1.03
Installer Works
Game Works, with issues
Patch Works, with issues
Download patch
Demo works With some minor problems
Download demo 3D Gamers
Requires no-cd patch Yes
Multiplayer works unknown
Works with Cedega version(s) 6.0 (best),4.3
Tested with Cedega version(s) 6.0, 4.3, 4.1.1, 4.1
Supported by TransGaming No
URLs 3D Gamers

Official Homepage
Blue Byte Software

Ubi Soft Entertainment

Cedega 6.0 Notes

  • Installation works perfectly. Thought, you need a nocd fixed exe to run game.
  • Z-fighting bug is gone! (flickering floors)
  • All details can be turned on. (requires Geforce FX or better GPU with ps 2.0 turned on)
  • Overall performance on a tested P4 2.4Ghz, GF7600GS, was very good.
  • Crashes on exit.

Issues with the German Demo

  • Installed fine with some minor graphical glitches, although all the German Umlaute in the EULA were garbled.
  • The intro movies had stuttering sound (enabling Decrease Wine server priority helps a bit) and only showed a white screen.
  • The mouse pointer did not exactly point where the arrow was pointing, e.g. you might miss-click buttons. I had to aim a bit lower to actually hit them.
  • Many of the higher detailed graphical settings were not available - unsure whether this is a demo issues.
  • The demo crashes in the intro move accross the 3D landscape in both maps.
  • With Cedega v4.1, the demo crashes at the end. v4.1.1 fixes this.

Issues with the v1.04 Demo

  • The installer garbles some characters in the EULA and has some other minor graphical corruptions.
  • The mouse pointer did not exactly point where the arrow was pointing, e.g. you might miss-click buttons. You may have to aim a bit lower to actually hit them.
  • The demo crashes upon quitting a long play session.
  • The building floors flicker (z-fighting) with the ground textures

Otherwise the demo did run nice and stable for a few hours on 1600x1200.

Issues with the game

I couldn't get the game to work without a no-cd patch but for that I had to patch the game to 1.03. However, the patch refused to install because it couldn't find install information so I added to following to the system.reg:

[Software\\Blue Byte\\The Settlers - Heritage of Kings]
"InstallPath"="C:\\Program Files\\Ubisoft\\Blue Byte\\THE SETTLERS - Heritage of Kings"
"InstallSMProgram"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Ubisoft\\Blue Byte\\THE SETTLERS - Heritage of Kings"
[Software\\Blue Byte\\The Settlers - Heritage of Kings\\1.00.0000]

Now, the patch will run and update the game to version 1.03. It worked if "Version" is updated to "190".

Other issues: the intro is choppy, just as the briefings.


The latest part in the Category:Settlers series comes in full 3D and finally supports resolutions up to 1600x1280 (in 32 bpp).

Featuring once again the cute settlers, this real-time strategy game puts you into a medival setting, where you have to reclaim your land from the evil tyran that conquered it after the death of your father.

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