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Subscribing vs Building from CVS

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Note: The Cedega Gaming Service has been discontinued, and you don't need to subscribe anymore. This page is left here for reference.

Differences between CVS and Cedega packages.


Supported and Tested

The CVS is completely unsupported and may contain errors, TransGaming does not certify that the CVS source will build, compile and work for users. TransGaming and its Beta Team rigorously test each binary package that is released to ensure the highest quality possible.

Access to Point2Play

Only TransGamers receive access to Point2Play, TransGaming's graphical user interface to Cedega.

Latest Graphics Updates

Many advanced DirectX graphics features included in Cedega are not available in CVS, including some DX9 functionality, texture compression, Pixel Shaders, and more recent work such as the Fixed Function over Vertex Shader code path. These features are implemented using technology proprietary to TransGaming, and are unlikely to make it into CVS in the future. Only TransGaming subscribers are able to take advantage of these features.

Directory Structure and start scripts

The ~/.transgaming directory structure that is used for Cedega and the start scripts that are used to launch Cedega are not included in CVS. This included 3rd party code from Microsoft and Installshield that TransGaming may distribute but is not subject to further redistribution by users.

Memory Layout Override

Medal of Honour - Allied Assault requires that a portion of it be loaded into a specific memory address. This memory address is already in use by the Linux OS. A workaround was implemented to get this game to run. It has not been included in CVS as the developers do not like the fix and consider it a hack. This work around has been posted to the Winex-devel mailing list.

Access to TransGamer area

Subscribers get access to TransGamings technical support team for any questions or concerns they may have as well as help in getting any aspects of Cedega and Point2Play working. TransGamings innovative polling section where users get to tell TransGaming what to work on next is only available to TransGamers.

Support for Copy Protection

CVS does not contain TransGamings proprietary code that allows games that use various forms of copy protection including SafeDisc and SecuROM to run in Linux.

Keeping TransGaming in Business

Without your support TransGaming would not be able to continue to further Cedega - Keep games alive on Linux - subscribe to TransGaming.

Ease of Setup

To be blunt, setting up a working copy of Cedega from CVS is hard. Really hard. There are tools out there to help you do it, but even then, if your system isn't perfectly set up for building Cedega, with all the right libraries and headers, there's a very good chance you're going to have trouble getting it to compile and run properly. Another difficulty with getting a CVS build set up is that it can be almost impossible to get the files from the TransGaming's CVS server. Demand on the server has increased so much recently that access had to be severely limited and it can an extended amount of retrying to actually get the source code from the server.

If you can't get it working, don't expect much help from the Cedega community - using the CVS version just to avoid paying for a subscription is fairly seriously frowned on, and coming into the cedega-irc-channel begging and demanding help will get you nowhere.

Of course, study of the source code for learning, or improving/debugging wine or games is a welcome praxis.

Remember: subscribing gives you access to the precompiled binaries, allowing you to avoid the whole mess of building it yourself altogether (but it doesn't give you (better) access to the source).

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