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Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix

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Game Info

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Game version 1.3
Installer Works with Cedega 4.3
Game works to an extent.
Patch Not tried
Download patch Mirror list (Activision)
Demo works Yes
Download demo Mirror list (3D Gamers)
Requires no-cd patch No
Multiplayer works Have not tested
Works with Cedega version(s) 5.2.3 (best)
Tested with Cedega version(s) 4.2, 5.2.3
Supported by TransGaming No
URLs Soldier of Fortune Double Helix -- Official site
Loki Installer -- Loki installers for Linux gamers


  • To run the installer, you need to check on the box "run directory" when using Point2Play or use "--use-dos-cwd" when using Cedega.
  • Use the loki installer, not the Setup.exe program that is found on cd.
  • The loki installer will patch the game to 1.03.
  • To disable Violence Lock:

On your shortcut, right click -> Properties -> add "+set lock_blood 0" to the Target line. Or simply add it to the command line like so: sof2sp +set lock_blood 0

-When you start the game, pull down the console by pressing "shift" and "~" to

-Type "menu lock"

-A new option on the bottom menu will be activated (it has a pic of a lock). Click on it. It will promt for a password, you can just press ok.

-Turn on all of the gore and set a new password (or keep it blank).

-Restart and play with gore.


  • Once you get to put in the next CD, it says it can't find a setup file. I have not been able to install this game with either Wine, CrossOver Office, or straight Cedega.
  • Pressing the alt keys in at least the demo, will freeze the game untill you press it again. You'll have to rebind alternative attack.
  • 3 out of 5 times, the in game videos will lock up your game and your whole system. Forcing you to reboot.
  • Sof II Mis-detects nvidia graphics cards I have an Geforce FX5200 and it detects it as a 1st Gen Geforce with 16mb. No fancy graphics!!
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