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Rome: Total War

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Game Info

Game version 1.2/1.5
Installer Works
Game Works, with some issues (see notes)
Patch Works without problems
Download patch Rome: Total War Patch (3D Gamers)
Demo works Not Tested
Download demo Playable demo (Battle of Trebia map) (3D Gamers)
Requires no-cd patch No
Multiplayer works Untested
Works with Cedega version(s) -
Tested with Cedega version(s) 6.0.1 (best), 5.2.9, 4.1
Supported by TransGaming No
URLs Rome: Total War -- Official site


  • The game DOES work fine in Cedega 6.0.1, just start the game up in WinXP mode for Copy Protection to pass.
  • Issues have been reported at the forums.
  • I have an NVidia 7800 GTX, I found that this game wouldn't work until I updated to the latest NVidia drivers (1.0.9746=>100.14.19).
  • The game has issues with screen sizes. Sometimes the area of screen which is scanned for mouse actions, is different to that displayed. I found the worst problems when the screen ratios differ and best results when the sizes match. I use Xorg size 1280x960, campaign size 1280x960 and battle size 1024x768 and gameplay is fine.
  • If switching screens (Ctrl+Alt+F7/F8) I found that the game wouldn't redraw the screen, when the screen size differed from the normal X resolution (ie see above, in Battle mode).

Older Issues

  • The installer will only work under --winver WinME and when started from the directory, in which the install files reside.
  • It is not possible to switch CDs while installing. To work around that copy the first CD to a temporary directory, run the install from there, and when asked for the next CD, copy the content of that CD into same dir, overwriting files as needed.
  • Game fails to start without NoCD patch.
  • With a NoCD patch, the game runs and will allow you to choose and load game pieces. This assumes you can read through the reversed letters. For instance, a 'Q' is a 'T' and so forth. In Tactical Battle, everything but arrows will be invisible.
  • In Cedega 5.2.9, the game installs, but upon running it, all fonts and images will become corrupted. (v1.2).
  • Demo suffers same failures.
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