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Ragnarok Online

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Game info focuses on the International version of Ragnarok Online. There are versions for Korea, Japan, Europe, Mylasia, and others. The Korean client is always the newest, with the others trailing behind by a few monthes on patches.

Game Info

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Game version 9.0 (Transcendant)
Installer Works sometimes (need more testing)
Game General gameplay works fine, only a few issues
Patch Works properly with wine only, not cedega.
Download patch -
Demo works -
Download demo -
Requires no-cd patch No
Multiplayer works Yes (MMOG)
Works with Cedega version(s) 4.3.1 (best)
Tested with Cedega version(s) 4.4.1 (broken), 4.3.1
Supported by TransGaming No
URLs -


  • Guild icons do not show up both in normal gameplay and WoE
  • Some skill animations occasionally look very strange, some skill animations have strange effects on character sprites (outlines them, turns them black).
  • Map loading time is extremely slow (many times normal)
  • Cedega occasionally crashes, especially when sitting idle for long periods.
  • Occasionally, screen goes black permantently
  • In first God Items quest, text on tablet is mangled, making it impossible to do the quest without a guide.
  • Backspace and arrow keys do not work. You can either clear the line (click + delete) or hit Home and use delete to clear it if you make a mistake.
  • Screenshot key takes 2 screenshots. Pause/break key takes only 1 on most keyboards, for an unknown reason (use it instead).
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