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Game Info

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Game version 3.1
Installer Works: Read Issues to get a successful install
Game Works
Download Trailer
Demo works n/a
Requires no-cd patch No
Multiplayer works Yes. (It is strictly Multiplayer)
Works with Cedega version(s) 5.0.2 (best) - 4.4.3 - 4.3 - 4.2ForSteam
Tested with Cedega version(s) 5.0.2 - 4.4.3 - 4.3 - 4.2ForSteam
Supported by TransGaming No, however the Steam/Half-Life engine is


  • Installer does not work with Cedega; it is not able to create the directorys it is copying the files into.

Here are two possible methods of installing:

  • This is the most simple option. Use the original Wine to run the installer to your Steam's Half-Life directory, after which you can run Steam with NS installed. This may not install into the correct directory because the installer will not recognize a Steam installation. Bypass this option and choose your /path/to/Steam/SteamApps/ directory. The installer will extract the ns directory into Half-Life/New Folder/ns, simply move all the items of the New Folder into the actual Half-Life directory.
  • Creating directories: you can either create each directory manually as the installer promps each time, or you can use this script from the Forums then run the installer again afterwords. Just make sure to run the script from inside (Path To Steam)Steam/SteamApps/<your account>/half-life

mkdir ns
mkdir ns/gfx
mkdir ns/gfx/env
mkdir ns/gfx/vgui
mkdir ns/gfx/vgui/fonts
mkdir ns/gfx/shell
mkdir ns/dlls
mkdir ns/maps
mkdir ns/media
mkdir ns/music
mkdir ns/sound
mkdir ns/sound/UI
mkdir ns/sound/hud
mkdir ns/sound/vox
mkdir ns/sound/fans
mkdir ns/sound/misc
mkdir ns/sound/co_sava
mkdir ns/sound/co_kestrel
mkdir ns/sound/doors
mkdir ns/sound/items
mkdir ns/sound/co_niveus
mkdir ns/sound/plats
mkdir ns/sound/ns_caged
mkdir ns/sound/ns_ayumi
mkdir ns/sound/ns_nancy
mkdir ns/sound/common
mkdir ns/sound/co_ulysses
mkdir ns/sound/player
mkdir ns/sound/ns_lost
mkdir ns/sound/turret
mkdir ns/sound/weapons
mkdir ns/sound/ambience
mkdir ns/sound/ns_origin
mkdir ns/sound/buttons
mkdir ns/sound/co_daimos
mkdir ns/resource
mkdir ns/resource/background
mkdir ns/sprites
mkdir ns/sprites/techtree
mkdir ns/sprites/co_niveus
mkdir ns/sprites/ns_ayumi
mkdir ns/sprites/ns_metal
mkdir ns/sprites/ns_shiva
mkdir ns/sprites/additive
mkdir ns/sprites/minimaps
mkdir ns/sprites/co_ulysses
mkdir ns/sprites/ns_bast
mkdir ns/sprites/ns_nothing
mkdir ns/sprites/ns_tanith
mkdir ns/events
mkdir ns/models
mkdir ns/models/co_sava
mkdir ns/models/co_kestrel
mkdir ns/models/co_niveus
mkdir ns/models/ns_nancy
mkdir ns/models/player
mkdir ns/models/player/heavy
mkdir ns/models/player/commander
mkdir ns/models/player/soldier
mkdir ns/models/player/alien1
mkdir ns/models/player/alien2
mkdir ns/models/player/alien3
mkdir ns/models/player/alien4
mkdir ns/models/player/alien5
mkdir ns/models/player/gestate
mkdir ns/models/ns_bast
mkdir ns/models/ns_hera
mkdir ns/models/ns_nothing
mkdir ns/models/ns_origin
mkdir ns/models/ns_tanith
mkdir ns/models/co_daimos
mkdir ns/cl_dlls
  • From existing install: copy the directory (C:/Program Files/)Steam/SteamApps/<your account>/half-life/ns from an installed version to the same location in your Cedega Steam drive. After copying, change the permissions to the same permissions as the rest of the Steam files (chown and chmod). Steam will automatically detect the new directory and Natural Selection will show up under the "Play Games" window.
  • Strategies for improving Counter Strike frame rates should yield the same results for Natural Selection.


Natural Selection is a Half Life mod that blends first-person combat with real-time strategy.

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