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Independence War

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Game Info

Game version US version (as opposed to the European version "I-War")
Installer Works, minor issues (see below)
Game Works, with issues (see below)
Patch Untested
Demo Unknown
Multiplayer Untested
Download patch
Download demo 3DGamers
Works with Cedega version(s) 4.2 (best), 4.1
Tested with Cedega version(s) 4.2, 4.1, 4.0.1, 3.3.2
Requires a crack No
Supported by TransGaming No
Weblinks Official Site


  • Installer seems to hang at the end, when trying (and failing) to play the game intro video. It -will- finish cleanly if given a minute though.
  • Joysticks with yaw control and throttles have control issues.
  • Selection screen graphics do not display properly.
  • Game best played with window mode switch used with the game EXE.
  • In older versions of WineX/Cedega, game seems to work fine, but crashes when firing the ships weapons. Newer Versions works fine.
  • Only Software 3D mode works properly.


As in the past, the available resources for human expansion started to run thin. And as in the past, the pressure for resources forced mankind to push back the frontier of Space much like the frontiers of the past. Earth was hungry. Displacement technology appeared just in time to permit exploitation of the Solar system and man’s first tentative visits to new stars.

As before, new communities of pioneers were established in these harsh new lands to oversee the exploitation of resources. But like before, it was not long before the citizens of these colonies started to wish for more…

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