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Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas

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Game Info

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Game version Second Edition (original also works)
Installer Works, with minor graphical corruption
Game Works, minor issues
Patch Untried (only for original version)
Download patch
Demo works No demo
Download demo N/A
Requires no-cd patch Yes
Multiplayer works No multiplayer
Works with Cedega version(s) 5.1 (best), 7.0.1
Tested with Cedega version(s) 5.1,7.0.1
Supported by TransGaming No
URLs - Official Site


  • Using default settings, textures are missing on characters. Setting pixel shaders to 1.0 and vertex shaders to 1.1 will solve the problem.
  • Graphics displayed during the game's installation may be distorted, and the install process may seem to take a -very- long time
  • The game's copy protection does not work, so a no-cd patch is required. There are confirmed-working patches for both editions of the game
  • Using default settings, the game's framerate is quite sluggish, and many objects are missing textures - to fix this, disable vertex shaders in Cedega's configuration for the game
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