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How to install

  • Point2Play

Download and place point2play-small-#.tgz (make sure you download the small version and not the full package) in the /usr/portage/distfiles directory and type:

  emerge point2play
  • Cedega

Download and place cedega_#.i386.tgz in the /usr/portage/distfiles directory and type:

  emerge cedega

Note: You only need one of these packages. You either download and install Point2Play or you download and install Cedega.

How to enable pthreads in glibc

If you keep getting messages about pthreads in the console such as:

Your system requires the use of pthreads but the maximum system allowed stack size of 2052 kB 
may be too small for some  games. If you experience problems, try rerunning 
with "-use-pthreads no" which may help.

You compiled glibc without nptl functionality. In order to enable this, you'll have to recompile glibc after you've set the useflag nptl.

A good util for setting use flags is the program ufed which you can install by typing emerge ufed. This program will list all possible useflags and allows you to enable or disable them quickly and easilly.

When I set the nptl useflag, I tried to re-emerge glibc, but I still had the old headers installed which were blocking the new headers. I got the following output after setting the useflag;

crusade omega # emerge glibc -pv
These are the packages that I would merge, in order:
Calculating dependencies ...done! [blocks B ] sys-kernel/linux-headers ("virtual/os-headers" from pkg sys-kernel/linux26-headers- [ebuild N ] sys-kernel/linux26-headers- -build 34,793 kB [ebuild R ] sys-libs/glibc- -build -debug -debug -erandom -hardened -makecheck -multilib +nls +nptl - pic -userlocales 9 kB
Total size of downloads: 34,802 kB

So the headers were blocked for me. If this is the case with your system too, you'll have to unmerge linux-headers and emerge linux26-headers before you can start recompiling glibc. (Make sure you've set the nptl useflag.)

emerge unmerge linux-headers && emerge linux26-headers glibc

After this has completed, it should not give you these warnings anymore and the POSIX Threads system test in Point2Play should also check off ok.

This will probably work for pretty much all future versions of glibc but i'm not a 100% certain about that. The version of glibc that I recompiled was glibc-2.3.4. (As you might have alread seen in the sample output.)

Note #1: If you run Gentoo 64-bit you will need to upgrade to profile 2005.0 and remerge glibc (see official doc).

Note #2: Make sure that you emerge linux26-headers before you recompile glibc with nptl support. Otherwise glibc will still have a small stacksize.

Note #3: You may have to re-compile your kernel, and reinstall the nvidia drivers (see below) if you update your headers.

How do I install/reinstall my Nvidia drivers?

It's really simple. To install, just type:

emerge nvidia-drivers 

If you want to re-install, log out of shut down your x-server and type lsmod If nvidia shows up in that list, type

modprobe -r nvidia 

then type:

emerge nvidia-drivers && modprobe nvidia

The drivers will be installed, the old ones removed and the new module loaded.

How to set up Cedega/Point2Play in Gentoo64

Firstly, you'll need to install Point2Play or Cedega, read the install howto if you don't know how to install it.
ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~amd64" emerge point2play

Then you will need to install the Nvidia driver and the sound compatiblity libs:

emerge emul-linux-x86-nvidia emul-linux-x86-soundlibs

This is all that is needed if you do not intend to run Point2Play, if you do, continue below. Otherwise, start playing games.

After you've installed Point2Play, you will also need to install the following packages:

emerge emul-linux-x86-baselibs emul-linux-x86-compat emul-linux-x86-glibc emul-linux-x86-gtklibs

Note that these packages may or may not be masked depending on how you run your system, read the portage manual (man portage) on how to unmask them if they are masked.

If you run profile 2005.0, you don't need emul-linux-x86-glibc. (upgrading to 2005.0 is required for pthreads support)

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