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Diablo II

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Game Info

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Game version 1.11
Installer Works, no known problems
Game Works, no known problems
Patch Works, no known problems
Download patch Mirrorlist (
Demo works Yes
Download demo Mirrorlist (
Requires no-cd patch No
Multiplayer works Yes
Works with Cedega version(s) 5.0, 4.3.2, 4.1, 4.0.1, 4.0
Tested with Cedega version(s) 5.0, 4.3.2, 4.1, 4.0.1, 4.0
Supported by TransGaming Yes
URLs Diablo 2 -- Official Website
The Arreat Summit -- Loads of guides and information


  • In order to be able to play TCP/IP games over a LAN, you will need to put a reference to your own machine in your /etc/hosts file.

This is my /etc/hosts file:

# /etc/hosts:  This file describes a number of hostname-to-address 
#              mappings for the TCP/IP subsystem.  It is mostly 
#              used at boot time, when no name servers are running. 
#              On small systems, this file can be used instead of a 
#              "named" name server.  Just add the names, addresses 
#              and any aliases to this file... 
# $Header: /home/cvsroot/gentoo-src/rc-scripts/etc/hosts,v 1.8 2003/08/04 20:12:25 azarah Exp $ 
#    crusade       local.lan       crusade         localhost

In order to find out which IP number you have on your LAN, open a terminal and type /sbin/ifconfig|grep eth0 -A 1 and write down the inet addr IP number, this is the IP that you need to set in /etc/hosts.

You could also do this by starting up the "Info Center" in KDE and clicking on "Network Interfaces" where the IP is shown as well. Copy this number to your /etc/hosts file.

Note: Make sure that your IP (on the LAN) is defined first or on the same line as not after it. Otherwise it won't work.

  • Some users may experience problems with the copy protection of this game. You can try following things:
  1. Set version of Windows to win2k (option "Winver" in Point2Play). If this doesn't help, continue with next step.
  2. See if the System Tests in Point2Play check off green.
    • If it doesn't, chmod a+r /dev/your-cdrom-device (e.g. /dev/hdd)
    • Then check if the game works. If it doesn't, try the following;
  3. Open ~/.point2play/game-name/system.reg (or ~/.transgaming/system.reg and find the reference for Diablo2(grep for "DiabloIICD") and check if this letter corresponds with the actual CD-rom drive letter that is used in game installers. You can check this by running another game setup and go to the point where the game or program asks you to specify the location of where it should install. Hit browse and then you can see which letters are being used for CD-rom drives.

  • EDIT - On Fedora Core 2 I had problems with D2 : LOD loading up, Using the D2Loader, installed it according to instructions and it works without any hitches for me. - KP


  • The expansion Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction also works without any problems.
  • People using the CLI version of cedega that experiencing problems when changing disks while installing might want to run the following command in order to unlock their CD-drive after mounting the CD: cedega --monitor-cdrom-eject /mnt/cdrom/setup.exe.
  • Using 2D mode may give better performance.
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