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Copy protection

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There are various copy protection techniques and various software packages that games publishers use to implement copy protection. Most of these must be re-implemented to work with Cedega.

Copy protection support is not available in the CVS version of Cedega, as releasing this code will compromise the software in question. Therefore it is only available with the binary packages.

For most newer titles, the Cedega supports copy protection only with winver=win2k. If you have problems getting a certain game to recognize its CD-ROM, then try to set the winver to win2k.

See also the article about the Starforce copy protection system.


If your copy protected games fail, execute in Point2Play under System tests the DVD/CD-ROM test. If it turns yellow and reports "No Copy Protetion", you are likely missing user permissions on the CD-ROM device. Change them by running this as root:

usermod -a -G cdrom username

Replace username with your users name.

Then run the test again and it should turn green and report all ok.

Relevant Settings

Winver: This setting controls which version of windows Cedega attempts to emulate. For newer games the copy-protection is only supported when emulating Windows 2000 (winver=win2k).

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