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Command & Conquer: Generals

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Game Info

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Game version 1.08
Installer Works, no known problems
Game Works, issues described below
Patch Works, no known problems
Download patch Mirrorlist (
Demo works Works, see installation info below
Download demo Mirrorlist (
Requires no-cd patch No
Multiplayer works No
Works with Cedega version(s) 6.0 (best)5.1, 5.0.3, 4.0.1, 4.0
Tested with Cedega version(s) 6.0, 5.1, 5.0.3, 4.0.1, 4.0
Supported by TransGaming Yes
URLs C&C Generals --Official website


Almost all issues seem to have been resolved with Cedega-6.0 and game works smoothly without issues. Old issues have been left for reference and verification, be sure to use GDDB game profile
  • CD change may not work -> copy the content of both cds in the same directory on your hard disk. While copying content of disk 2 your are asked for file override, click on "skip". After you have copied both cds, run setup.exe through cedega. Now the installation will work and will be much faster than by cd.
  • Mouse position is incorrectly represented

This can occur from time to time, exact cause is unknown but it can be fixed by running Generals in a window You can run Generals in a window by passing -win as a command line parameter or by using the Desktop option in Point2Play. This may be fixed in 5.0.3.

Restarting generals may also fix the problem. This is a form of Input Focus issue.

  • Internal patcher does not work; patches need to be downloaded manually.
  • Videos are extremely choppy

Intro movies can be skipped by passing -quickstart as a command-line parameter. There is no solution for mission briefings. See Choppy Videos for more information.

  • Online play does not work for this title.

Demo installation guide

To install the demo version, you have to unzip the generals_demo.exe manually.

unzip generals_demo.exe

You can now install the demo in Point2Play using the extracted Setup.exe.

Performance tweaking for ATI cards

To get C&C Generals working at a decent speed, you need to set the following Options in Cedega:

  • On the General tab:

Check Use XRandR

Set Scheduler to No and then check Decrease WineServer priority

Fill the box Command Line Options with "-quickstart" to skip the Choppy Videos

  • On the Audio tab:

Set Sound to OSS if Alsa doesn't work for you. I didn't notice any speed differences between the two sound systems.

  • Now the interesting part, the Graphics tab:

Set the Video RAM to the amount your graphics card has and the AGP vertex data to the half amount.

Set PixelShaders to enabled and the shader version to 1.3

Enable VertexShaders too

Disable NV_VAR and ARB_VBO

The game should run at a decent speed now on your ATI card. You might experience the inverted fog of war bug, but I don't have a solution for it yet. It seems much likely to be a ATI driver bug.

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