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City of Villains

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Game Info

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Game version 10.20051116.2C
Installer Works, one issue on the DVD/CD installer
Game Works, with issues (see below)
Patch Game has an autopatcher - works fine
Download patch N/A
Demo works No Demo
Download demo N/A
Requires no-cd patch No
Multiplayer works Yes
Works with Cedega version(s) 5.0.1, 4.4.3 (best)
Tested with Cedega version(s) 5.0.1, 4.4.3
Supported by TransGaming Yes
URLs Official Site


  • Online install tested with Cedega 4.4.3. Rest of this applies to DVD (EU) installer.
  • Installer windows appear behind the backdrop. Must be installed using Desktop mode.
  • Like City of Heroes, the patch-checker always closes with an assertion error, and the login screen has a notice about out-of-date drivers. The game still plays.
  • There's still some open issues; votes are pending. Street-sweeping is okay.


  • You need to run the installer under Win2K and Desktop mode.
  • Turn off CPU scaling, otherwise the client will think you run faster than usual, but the server will reject your moves.
  • The game doesn't seem to have a CD key, or even need the DVD in the drive.

Accessing the Training Room (Test Server)

Presumes you're running the EU edition of City of Villains.

Per the instructions for EU Test:

1. Make a copy of your City of Villains directory named CoHTest. Include the game data under piggs/ to avoid a 2.3 GB download.

$ cd ~/.cedega/City\ Of\ Villains/c_drive/Program\ Files
$ mkdir CoHTest
$ cd CoHTest
$ cp -R ../City\ Of\ Villains/* . # Go take a break.

2 Start the Cedega GUI. Add an icon (right-click on City of Villains, or selecft City of Villains and choose Tools|Icons/Folders). Presuming your home directory is /home/krudat, fill in the dialog box as follows:

Field Value
Name Test Server
Program /home/krudat/.cedega/City of Villains/c_drive/Program Files/CoHTest/CohUpdater.EU.exe
Icon /home/krudat/.cedega/City of Villains/icons/City of Villains.xpm
Workdir /home/krudat/.cedega/City of Villains/c_drive/Program Files/CoHTest/

(The Browse button starts you in the Windows 'filesystem'.)

2.5 Test updated geom.pigg, so you may need to increase your TCP send window size as per the known issues for CoH.

3. Run the updater in the CoHTest directory with the command-line argument -test:

$ cedega -run 'City of Villains' 'Test Server' -test

Go and take a shower; at the time of writing, it'll take about an hour to pull the updates.

(If the updater crashes, or you try to Validate All Files after it updates, it may complain that another updater is running. The stale lockfile is updater.lock in ~/.cedega/c_drive/Program Files/CoHTest.)

The game's login screen will resemble City of Heroes; this is normal.


City of Villains (EU) patcher.
Background: the Arena in Port Oakes.
Shopping for Inspirations.
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