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Editing Help

Basically, there are two types of pages in Cedega Wiki: Game Pages, and pages that handle general stuff. Game Pages start with a "Game Info table" and belong to the games category. Here's some information on how to create and/or edit both of them:

  • Adding a game: A guide on how to add a game to the wiki.
  • Guidelines: Some general information on editing and formating.
  • Wiki-FAQ: The FAQ page holds questions and answers regarding the usage of this wiki.
  • How to write in discussion pages: Some pointers about the general way most of use write on discussion pages to make it easy to read.
  • Test Page: You can use the Test Page to try out editing.

Release Notes

List of all Release Notes
These are important. Make sure to read them before asking questions.


Joystick Configuration
Information on setting up a joystick, gamepad, or other gaming conroller, and a list of ready-to-use configurations.

Cedega howtos
This page contains the original Cedega howto written by the folks at TransGaming. I've reworked the original text file a bit so it has sections you can link to and the code samples should now stand out better.

Point2Play howtos
The Point2Play howtos also written by TransGaming staff.

This howto contains information on how to get ATi drivers up and running on Linux.

General Info

This FAQ page holds answers to most general questions regarding the usage of Cedega or Point2Play as well as solutions to common errors.

Tips and Tricks
Here you can find some of the more undocumented tips and tricks that can be useful for you.

FAQs and guides related to your specific Linux distribution.

Product Related Questions

What are the differences between the binaries and the CVS build?

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