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Group rights are used to specify, what (registered) users are allowed to do, when they belong to a specific group. You can find a list of the groups and their corresponding rights at Special:ListGroupRights.



Rights assigned to this group are given to every user, including guests. Absolutely everyone belongs to this group.


Normaly registered users belong to this group. Rights given to this group are added to the ones from (all).

Autoconfirmed users

Registered users automaticaly get "autoconfirmed" after 15 reasonable edits. In addition to some minor advantages, being autoconfirmed means that your are allowed to edit semi-protected pages, such as the main page and templates.


Moderators are appointed by the wiki's admins, and are allowed to do some more advanced stuff, like deleting pages and blocking users, that vandalize in the wiki. Along with this power comes the responsibility to use it wisely. Moderators should also be contact persons in case of problems.


Administrators can do everything, that can be done on this wiki, this includes adding and removing others from any group.

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