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December 7th, 2004.



TransGaming is pleased to announce the release of Cedega 4.2, dubbed Gouda, giving TransGamers access to more Windows games in Linux, with greater ease. TransGamers can now download Cedega in RPM, Debian and TGZ formats from the downloads section of TransGaming's website:

Cedega 4.2 supports Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch and World of Warcraft. Included is support for non-power of two textures and a number of other graphical improvements. Also provided is a new package which integrates the Mozilla ActiveX Control with Cedega to provide in-game HTML rendering for titles such as Steam, Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes and EverQuest.

New Features

Cedega 4.2

  • TransGamers can now enjoy playing Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Counter-Strike: Source and World of Warcraft.
  • A custom win32 version of the Mozilla ActiveX Control can be installed and shared between games to provide HTML rendering. This allows EULAs to be displayed for titles such as City of Heroes and Star Wars Galaxies, as well as HTML content to be visible for Steam, EverQuest and others.
  • Non-power of two (NPOT) textures are now supported on NVIDIA FX, ATI Radeon 9500, and better graphics cards. This will allow full screen movies for games such as Far Cry and Hitman: Contracts.
  • Improved VAR memory allocation algorithm.
  • A number of graphical corruption issues have been resolved with the experimental VBO option. This will be of benefit to ATI users.
  • Improvements have been made to help support DVD based copy protection.
  • A number of potential crashes have been resolved and a number of graphics flaws have been eliminated.
  • The IP Helper API DLL, iphlpapi.dll, contributed by Juan Lang, and a stub version of the RichEdit DLL, riched20.dll, have been included.

System Requirements

Operating System

Core requirements are:

  • Linux Kernel 2.2 or higher. Stock Kernels recommended over RedHat 7.x/8.x/9.x kernels. 2.6 kernels may have some scheduler issues.
  • XFree86 4.0 or higher (4.2 and above recommended)
  • glibc 2.2 or higher
  • Working hardware accelerated OpenGL video card

CPU Type and Speed

Recommended minimum hardware is

  • 500 MHz or faster Pentium or Athlon CPU
  • 64MB of memory; 128 MB or higher recommended
  • Several GB free hard disk space for games
  • Linux-supported 3D graphics card with 16MB of video RAM is required. nVidia GeForce-class GPU recommended. ATI Radeon 8500 or higher with working ATI FireGL drivers should work for many (though not all) games, but will not perform as well for the moment.

Please note: individual requirements may be higher for certain games.

2.6.9 Kernels and Copy Protection

There is ptrace bug in the 2.6.9 kernel (and possibly later) kernels that may cause copy protection to fail. At this point there is no known work around, and TransGaming recommends avoiding the use of these kernels at this time.

Prelink and Exec-Shield

Prelink is a new set of functionality, available in newer glibc versions and distributions such as Fedora Core 1, designed to reduce the startup time for applications which use dynamic libraries. The loading speed improvements are achieved by reassigning the addresses of various dynamic linked libraries that will be placed in memory. Thus, relocations will not have to be performed by the dynamic loader when loading the application. Unfortunately, more often than not, libraries are prelinked into addresses which are incompatible with Windows programs.

Windows programs generally use a trick, similar to Prelink, to reduce the size of the executable and improve start times. This trick assumes, quite rightly for a Windows program, that the address 0x400000 is always available. Thus when Cedega attempts to load the Windows executable into the starting address, and it's not available, Cedega will fail to start the program with an error message mentioning "stripped relocation records" and "address 0x400000 not available".

Exec-shield is a kernel level solution ( which remaps executable code to a lower memory address with the intention of eliminating ASCII based code overflow attacks. The new location of the executable has the potential of conflicting with the required windows range which will result in the same error message as with Prelink.

The solution to the problems these two new technologies create is to disable them so that they don't affect any Cedega libraries or executable code.

To disable automatic prelinking in the future, edit /etc/sysconfig/prelink and set PRELINKING to no by making sure the following line is present:


Then execute the cron job, most likely /etc/cron.daily/prelink, to reverse the Prelink for all of your libraries or manually run:

$ prelink -ua

To disable exec-shield you can either use the boot time option "exec-shield=0" or it may be changed, before running Cedega, by typing either:

$ echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield


$ sysctl -w kernel.exec-shield=0

In addition, newer Fedora Core 2 (and likely Fedora Core 3) kernels also require support for the legacy VA layout to be enabled. This can be done via the command:

$ echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/legacy_va_layout

Legacy VA layout can also be enabled by default at boot by editing /etc/sysctl.conf and adding the following line:

vm.legacy_va_layout = 1

Information about this can be found on the fedora announce mailing list.


Some distributions version of mount now run with the noexec option unless otherwise specified. Running games from a partition mounted with noexec can cause an error = 21 message.

To fix this issue, edit the /etc/fstab and modify the partition line by removing the noexec option and adding the exec switch to the mount options.

For example:


/dev/hda1 / ext3 errors=remount-ro,no-exec,defaults 0 1


/dev/hda1 / ext3 errors=remount-ro,exec,defaults 0 1

If neither "exec" nor "no-exec" appears in the line it is recommended that you add "exec" to ensure that the partition can be used by Cedega.

To remount the partition run:

mount -o remount /

Graphics Cards

AGP Memory

It is important to ensure that your system is configured with enough AGP memory, and that Cedega is configured to use it appropriately. The amount of AGP memory available on your system is determined by the AGP Aperture Size setting in your system BIOS, as well as the amount of memory in your system. It is recommended that you set your AGP Aperture Size to at least 128MB. The amount of AGP memory that is used by Cedega is controlled by the "AGPVertexRam" option in the [x11drv] section of the config file (in Point2Play this option is called "AGP Memory Available"). A good rule of thumb is to set this value to approximately one-half of the total available AGP memory. It is important that this number be smaller than the total AGP memory because the system also uses AGP memory to transfer texture data. For example: if your AGP Aperture Size is 128MB you should configure Cedega to use 64MB of AGP memory for vertex data.

The previous default value of 16MB for AGPVertexRam, has been increased to 32MB as of Cedega 4.1. PLEASE NOTE THAT AFTER RUNNING CEDEGA 4.1 YOUR CONFIG FILE WILL BE MODIFIED AND THIS SETTING WILL ALSO APPLY TO OLDER VERSIONS OF CEDEGA. It is recommended that you check your BIOS settings and further increase this to value to 64MB or higher, depending on your system settings.

NVIDIA 66.29 drivers and AGP memory

There is a known issue in the 66.29 drivers, where allocating large amounts of AGP memory (used for VAR) will fail. NVIDIA has made a patch available which resolves this issue. The patch and instructions for installing are available in this nV News thread.

TransGaming strongly recommends that users with the 66.29 drivers apply this patch to maximize their gaming experience.

ATI FireGL drivers

TransGaming has seen some game-stopping instability with ATI cards using FireGL and/or DRI running Cedega. Games of note with issues are Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, Need for Speed Underground and Sacrifice. Battlefield 1942 and Vietnam have this issue, but there is a known work-around listed in their sections below.

The games Hitman Contracts, Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam exhibit graphical corruption caused by a known issue in ARB_vertex_program.

TransGaming is continuing to improve support and we welcome all reports and your votes in the polls.

New Mozilla Control

Installing the Mozilla ActiveX Installer Package

The Mozilla ActiveX Control installer package is a custom win32 mozilla package provided by TransGaming for the purposes of providing support for HTML content to games inside of Cedega. Please note that you must accept a licencing agreement with Mozilla and its developers in order to download and use this product.

If you've already installed Cedega, then this part should be familiar. Otherwise, please review the steps in the HOWTO, select the appropriate package for your distribution, and install it.

After the package is installed, each Linux user who wishes to use the Mozilla ActiveX Control will need to run the installer script. At the command line, type:

$ tg-mozctl-install

From there, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the install. This will install the Mozilla ActiveX Control in that user's ~/.transgaming_global/mozcontrol directory.

Using the Mozilla ActiveX Control

Once installed as directed above, Cedega will by default use the Mozilla ActiveX control to render HTML content, as appropriate. If desired, it can be disabled in the [wine] section of the config file by setting:

"MozillaControl" = "N"

New Configuration Options

The following are a list of options which are new in Cedega 4.2. Under most circumstances you will not need to use these options; they are only provided for completeness and the inquisitive. All options can be overridden on a per executable basis.

[wine] section:

"MozillaControl" = "Y"

This option defines whether or not Cedega will use the Mozilla ActiveX control if it is available. The default is on.

[d3dgl] section:

"RectangleTextures" = "Auto"

Most recent hardware has support for non-power of two (NPOT) textures, and this is exposed under OpenGL using either the XXX_rectangle_texture or ARB_texture_non_power_of_two extensions. This option deals with the former, and is used to enable/disable support under Direct3D. Older cards are not capable of handling these textures and vertex shaders at the same time, due to limitations of the vertex shader hardware, so if you wish to use npot textures here, you may need to disable VertexShaders. Set this option to "Yes" to use npot textures. Set this to "No" to disable them. The default is "Auto", which auto-detects whether your system has sufficient capabilities in the VertexShaders, and if not, disables it.

Known Issues and Comments

Pthread Stack Size

If available, Cedega attempts to make use of pthreads (POSIX threads), instead of LinuxThreads. Some distros which use pthreads only support a maximum stack size of 2MB. This can cause problems with some games which require larger stack sizes. Common symptoms of such problems include (but are not limited to) a crash to desktop when starting a game or when loading or saving a level. If this happens, you can work around it by starting Cedega with pthreads disabled.

To disable pthreads when running from the commandline run with the '-use-pthreads no' option. If using Point2Play, you can disable pthreads on the per-game configuration as necessary, or for all games by adding the following line to the [transgaming] section of the .point2playrc file.


Games with known problems on 2MB stacks include (but are not limited to):

  • Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
  • Command & Conquer: Generals
  • DOOM 3
  • Battlefield Vietnam (multiplayer)
  • StarWars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

ATI cards and VBO

The graphical acceleration included in Cedega 4.0 and later is of an experimental nature. While it should work for most games, there are still a number of titles which seem to exhibit problems, both in terms of graphical corruption and performance. For these titles you can simply disable the VBO option.

HTML display of license agreements in on-line games

Cedega 4.2 when used with the new Mozilla ActiveX control should now properly display of HTML content in some on-line games. Please ensure you have correctly installed and activated the Mozilla control in order to view this content.

However, in the event that any license agreements displayed by these games are not readable while running with Cedega, TransGaming Technologies Inc. will not be held liable for any failure or breach on your part of any 3rd party license agreement.

You are solely responsible for ensuring that you have read and will abide by any third party license agreements, regardless of the ability of the cedega software to display such license agreements on a linux system.

American McGee's Alice

  • Some users may experience loud distorted sounds while playing Alice. Go into the in-game sound options and remove the check mark from Force 8 Bit sounds.

Anarchy Online

  • This game must be manually patched to 14.7.3 (as in windows) before running the auto patching utility.
  • The auto patching utility may stop working or crash. Simply close and restart the patcher to continue.

Baldur's Gate 2

  • The "Software Mirror BLT" option under the "2D 16 bit Color Depth" MUST be selected when running in 2D mode.
  • The three concentric boxes may not appear during the video test.
  • During the opening scene in the dungeon, occasionally the game will not advance after the sewer golem has talked. Simply restart.

Battlefield 1942

  • The game must be patched to at least version 1.3 in order to fix problems that will prevent it from starting the game engine properly.
  • The [d3dgl] 'ClipSpaceFix' option no longer needs to be disabled. This has been left off by default in the config file for backwards compatibility.
  • Use of 24-bit color is recommended if shadow effects are enabled.
  • The animated background of the main menu does not work.
  • Using Punkbuster enabled servers may cause problems. Please read the Punkbuster section for more information.
  • With AIC on 2.6 kernels the intro movies can suffer from stutter.
  • ATI users should add '+restart 1' to their command line to skip the intro movies, thus avoiding an X error in the ATI FireGL drivers
  • ATI users should be sure to disable VBO for this title

Battlefield Vietnam

  • The game requires the availability of pixel shaders. If you do not have a card which supports ARB_fragment_program in OpenGL, you will have graphics problems if you set the "Graphics Quality" option higher than "Low". A GeForce FX series card is recommended for this game.
  • The animated background of the main menu does not work.
  • Using Punkbuster enabled servers may cause problems. Please read the Punkbuster section for more information.
  • With AIC on 2.6 kernels the intro movies can suffer from stutter.
  • This title will crash on exit.
  • ATI users should add '+restart 1' to their command line to skip the intro movies, thus avoiding an X error in the ATI FireGL drivers
  • ATI users should be sure to disable VBO for this title
  • ATI users may have performance issues with this title

Bink Movies

  • A number of titles use Bink to play their movies and cut scenes. In some cases, when AIC is enabled, movie display may be choppy due to Linux scheduler limitations. To work around this, turn Accelerated Interprocess Communication off or skip the movies. TransGaming expects to have a workaround for this in future releases.

Black & White

  • Playing in low texture mode will lead to crashing. You may not be able to get back to the configuration screen to return to normal detail.
  • Changed games settings may not save on exiting the game
  • After updating to the 1.1 patch the splash screen may still display as 1.0

Call of Duty

  • At the end of the Call of Duty installer it requires users to put CD 1 back in the drive. This may cause a hang or a crash. The game has installed however the registry entries will not have been added. If you wish to play multiplayer you will need to manually add the registry entries and update the game to the latest version. To add the registry entries add the following lines to your system.reg file in order to be able to upgrade your version:
[SOFTWARE\\Activision\\Call of Duty]
"InstallPath"="C:\\Program Files\\Call Of Duty"
  • The game may hang upon quitting.

City of Heroes

  • To receive a proper cursor in City of Heroes you must have XFree 4.3 installed and run in win2k mode (default), and use 24-bit color. With versions of X prior to 4.3 a large black box will surround the cursor.
  • Pop up dialogue boxes in the installer appear behind the main window. It is recommended that you install in desktop mode.
  • The installer may crash at the end. It should not affect game play.
  • nVidia users may find that the patcher crashes when finished. Simply try to enter the game again.
  • This title may not work in Windowed mode with the Mozilla ActiveX Control enabled. Either use the Cedega Desktop option instead, or disable the Mozilla control.

Civilization III

  • There are several sound problems with this application.
  • Earlier patch levels will not pass copy protection. v1.29f is recommended.
  • The game will crash if sound is being used by another device.
  • Settler units will not have area lines around them nor will lines appear in the diplomatic relations window.

Command and Conquer: Generals

  • Game play may be slow in 16 bit, 24 bit is recommended.
  • When running on machines with small stack sizes with pthreads enabled, the mouse pointer may not be alighned with the hotspot. Please disable pthreads.

Counter Strike: Condition Zero

  • Pushing the tab key may crash the game in single player mode.

Counter Strike: Source

  • For best performance make sure your system is configured to use at least 64MB of AGP Memory. See the section on AGP Memory for more details.
  • The blocks in the video stress test may not render correctly
  • The fonts may appear distorted.
  • ATI users should be sure to disable Pixel Shaders for this title.
  • The sound card must be available in Cedega to play this game.

Dark Age of Camelot

  • A recent update causes character images to be incorrectly displayed in the menus and during character creation. Images should be correct in game play.
  • Users whose graphics cards only have 2 texture units (GF2MX,GF2 & GF4MX) will notice graphical incorrectness such as a non-textured floor.
  • The sound in the installer and login screens is not good.
  • On startup you may receive a richedit error. Usually trying a few times will get you past the problem.
  • This game may cause a video driver lock for ATI users.
  • The Trials of Atlantis expansion doesn't work with PixelShaders enabled.

Doom 3

  • A Linux client exists for this game. Please support the ID Linux client!
  • Installing with winver win2k may not work. Ignore the warning about installing with win98 if you are using the default setup.
  • The game may crash, or hang, on exit.
  • ATI users may experience graphical corruption in game. Changing the in game render path may help. To do so ctrl-alt-~ brings up the console and then type gfxinfo and verify that you are not using the ARB2 path. If you are change to one of the other support paths using, for example, r_render R200.

Dungeon Siege

  • The sound in the installer may be incorrect.
  • On non-NPTL systems, DS will lock up as soon as you move the mouse when using nVidia 4496 and later drivers. Downgrading drivers is the only reliable way to solve this problem.
  • More recent drivers have fixed this problem on NPTL systems.
  • Even with older nVidia drivers, this game may not work on some systems.
  • Some setups may experience deadlocks before the main menu. Running with any debug channels on generally works as a remedy.
  • The water does not flow in the game.
  • Multiplayer support is not yet available due to the use of DirectPlay 8 in the game.

Far Cry

  • The US DVD installer does not work. The UK DVD can be installed using the Loki installer.
  • Movies play with incorrect aspect ratio, and do not cover the full screen when non-power of two textures (NPOT) are not available.
  • Attempting to skip the intro movies may cause a crash.
  • Main menu background movie is slow, we suggest disabling it in options.
  • When Pixel Shaders are disabled, only the low detail level is supported.
  • When Pixel Shaders are enabled, all detail settings are supported, except for "Special Effects Quality" which must be set to "Low". In patch v1.3, due to changes in the game's engine, only the low detail level is supported.
  • Having the "Texture Quality" set to "Medium" may cause a crash on startup on some machines. Any other value for this setting should work.
  • Fog may not be supported in certain detail settings (e.g. underwater fog, with pixel shaders enabled on low detail).
  • Users may experience a significant frame rate drop whenever a helicopter is on screen.
  • v1.1 patch is unsupported, due to installer issues, however the v1.3 does install.
  • When using the FarCryConfigurator with Cedega on the command line, make sure to run it with the --use-dos-cwd option pointing at your main Far Cry directory; otherwise, your config file will be created in the current directory and you'll need to copy it to your main Far Cry directory.
  • This title may not start consistently with the v1.3 patch. If Far Cry crashes in the middle of copy protection leaving processes running, don't despair! Try running Far Cry again, and then either typing killall -9 wine wineserver or selecting Stop Running Games from within Point2Play.
  • Multiplayer hosting does not work.
  • Does not work on ATI cards.

Grand Theft Auto 3

  • The opening videos for Grand Theft Auto 3 work quite slowly under Cedega. The movies may be skipped by pressing the space bar twice.
  • Users playing this game with a 2.6 kernel may notice significant pauses while playing this game. Disable the Accelerated Interprocess Communication to reduce the number of pauses received. Downgrade to a 2.4 kernel to remove the issue.
  • This title is not working with ATI video cards.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

  • Occasionally textures may display incorrectly.
  • The opening videos for Grand Theft Auto Vice City work quite slowly under Cedega. The movies may be skipped by pressing the space bar twice.
  • Users playing this game with a 2.6 kernel may notice significant pauses while playing this game. Disable the Accelerated Interprocess Communication to reduce the number of pauses received. Downgrade to a 2.4 kernel to remove the issue.
  • This title is not working with ATI video cards.

Half-Life 2

  • For best performance make sure your system is configured to use at least 64MB of AGP Memory. See the section on AGP Memory for more details.
  • ATI users should be sure to disable Pixel Shaders for this title.
  • The sound card must be available in Cedega to play this game.
  • Some fonts may be distorted at low resolution. Try running at 1024x768 or higher.
  • Going into the Advanced Video options may result in a crash, particularly after changing dxlevel. Avoid doing so if possible.

Hitman: Contracts

  • Using alt-tab in game will cause a crash.
  • The videos will not run full screen for users who do not have a GeForce FX or ATI 9500 or better. If the movies do not resize, the game will not start if in 640x480 mode and cut scenes may leave artifacts around the edge.
  • ATI users may experience graphical corruption.

Homeworld 2

  • The game may not work unless patched to at least version 1.1.
  • Multiplayer support is not yet available due to the use of DirectPlay 8 in the game.
  • This game may not work with the 3.11.1 fglrx drivers for ATI.

Max Payne 2

  • Pixel Shaders are disabled by default in the config file to ensure backwards compatibility with previous Cedega and WineX releases. They can be turned on as of Cedega 4.1.1 without causing crashing.
  • Users may experience problems with this title on ATI cards.

Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault

  • Users with a small pthread stack size may have to disable pthreads for this title.
  • Some users may experience severe sound issues with the Spearhead and Breakthrough expansion packs.

Morrowind: Elder Scrolls III

  • The intro videos can freeze if they fall behind the play frame rate due to a coding problem with the application.
  • The game will crash if sound is being used by another device.
  • ATI users should note that, as of this writing, pixel shader water only works with the 3.9.0 drivers.

Need For Speed: Underground

  • The installer presently does not work due to its use of flash. You can work around this by killing the EReg.exe process when the installation appears to hang. Additionally you need to use the --use-dos-cwd option (command line) or the "Run Directory" option (point2play) pointing to your CD-ROM drive.
  • The installer progress bar does not update.
  • Copy protection for this title does not presently work.
  • The auto patcher for earlier versions of this title will not work and you will have to manually download and patch.
  • To play multiplayer online, you will need to manually register the game on EA's website.
  • Pixel shaders do not work for this title. They are disabled by default.
  • Car reflection update rate needs to be set to the lowest setting to play this title. Raising this value will cause the game to crash.
  • Vanishing textures may be fixed by disabling car headlights in the display options panel.


  • Some games that have multiplayer ability use Punkbuster technology to reduce cheating. Punkbuster may cause a number of issues with Cedega users. We recommend that you manually update the Punkbuster files for your game installs. To manually update the files visit: and download the "pbweb.x86" script. Copy this script to the "pb" directory in the game installation directory. For example: /home/USERNAME/.point2play/Battlefield 1942/c_drive/Program Files/EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942/pb Run the script. The script connects to the Punkbuster website and downloads the latest update files.

SimCity 4

  • To install the game, you must insert and mount the CD-ROM, and use the following command line:
$ cedega -use-dos-cwd f:/ -- f:/autorun.exe

In Point2Play use the Run Directory check box.

  • If the installer asks you to install a new version of DCOM, say "no".
  • The game has small graphical glitches when scrolling with the hardware renderer. Use of the software renderer is recommended and is automatic as of WineX 3.2.
  • Use of the "?" to get information can cause graphical corruption. Scrolling the window will clear this up.
  • Game requires that the shared memory wineserver be disabled. Set "SHMWineserver" = "N" in the config file, or ensure that Accelerated Interprocess Communication is disabled when using Point2Play.

Star Wars Galaxies

  • Desktop icons created for launching may not be correct if using the command line.
  • Scrolling to the edge of the screen does not cause the view to rotate.
  • The Jump To Lightspeed expansion pack is not supported at this time but may work for some users.

Star Wars: Jedi Academy

  • This game may need to be patched to the latest version for it to start correctly.
  • This game may hang when loading a level on ATI cards.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

  • The game will crash on exit.
  • The online patcher does not fully work. Follow the patcher instructions for downloading the manual patch.
  • Unless upgraded to at least 1.03 you may experience double cursors.
  • The game may not go fullscreen automatically unless upgraded to 1.03.
  • The mouse will not be usable unless you disable "Hardware Mouse" from the launcher configure screen.


  • Window manager decorations are visible in several managers when they should not be.
  • Steam may crash at 27% for non pthread nVidia users when trying to update. Just install with '-use-pthreads on' to bypass the problem. Reinstalling may also resolve the situation.
  • Steam may crash after login on some systems if there are too many .gcf files downloaded in the steam directory. If this happens simply move aside some of the gcf files that you aren't currently using.
  • When starting Source-engine based games there may be a message about detecting an unknown video card. Please ignore this and DO NOT select the option to upload the details to Valve.
  • Occasionally, on startup of a Source-engine based game, you may see a message to the that the Steam Registry is in use by another process. To avoid this message, you should exit Steam, wait a few minutes, and then retry. Running a non-Souce-Engine based title from Steam, then exiting and retrying the Source-Engine based title may also help.

Warcraft III The Frozen Throne

  • The desktop icon (shortcut) for Warcraft III will not function correctly if installed with WineX 3.1, or earlier, due to the way the previous WineX versions changed the command line. Either edit the shortcut to start "Warcraft III.exe", rather than "War3.exe", add the -classic parameter, or reinstall both Warcraft III and Frozen Throne.

World of Warcraft

  • The World of WarCraft installer may crash at the end of install. The game should be fully installed at this point. Point2Play users may need to manually create an icon pointing to WoW.exe
  • When right clicking to look the cursor will warp to the center of the screen. Releasing the mouse button will allow the cursor to move back to its starting position.


Please check the Cedega HOWTO for other common problems, installation procedures and additional information. The Cedega HOWTO is also available from the [ TransGaming downloads area].

Let the Games Begin

This document is Copyright© 2002-2004, TransGaming Technologies Inc. Redistribution is permitted for non-commercial use only.

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