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Battlefield 2

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Game Info

Game version All versions through 1.41 tested
Installer Works, no known problems, though must be run in winxp mode
Game Works, excepting game version 1.2 - version 1.22 currently recommended
Patch Works through 1.3, other than 1.2, which is not playable
1.22 is recommened, as 1.3 introduces a lot of bugs that even Windows users complain about.
Download patch

Patch v1.21 from EA (368 MB)
Patch v1.22 from EA (373 MB)
Patch v1.2 -> v1.21 from EA (14MB)
Patch v1.12 from EA (280.7 MB)
3D Gamers

Patch v1.21 From Alternate mirror
Demo works Works, no known problems
Download demo

Demo (546 MB)
3D Gamers

Requires no-cd patch No
Multiplayer works Works, partially (do not use version 1.2!! - see notes)
Works with Cedega version(s) 6.1.1 (best), 5.1, 5.0 (NVidia users should use at least 5.0.2)
Tested with Cedega version(s) 5.1, 5.0, 6.1.1
Supported by TransGaming Yes

Official Battlefield 2 Homepage
Information Page
Battledeild 2 Tweak Guide


  • Using cedega 6.1.1 all settings can be turned to maximum, except ground textures. Setting ground textures medium or high, will result black flickering areas in ground.
  • The current BF2 patch (1.21) makes the game FULLY PLAYABLE AGAIN with cedega!
  • The old BF2 patch (1.2) seems to be unplayable with all versions of Cedega! See this thread on the matter.
  • PixelShaders 1.4 need to be enabled in Cedega 5.0.
  • Nvidia only with 7676 or greater drivers (ATI graphics cards are not supported).
  • Users may experience the occasional error message when quitting Battlefield 2 complaining that the game is unable to unload a DLL. You may ignore this error or use the Stop button in Cedega to bypass this error.
  • Multiplayer (with Cedega 5.1) "partially" supports Punkbuster anti-cheating technology. Transgaming says it could result in bans - use at your own risk.

To run the game at a resolution other than those supported in-game, add +szx X +szy Y as a command-line parameter, where X and Y are the desired horizontal and vertical screen resolutions. Note that even the fairly-standard resolution of 1280x1024 is unsupported upon initial install and must be set this way, it is however added upon installation of patch 1.03 (or greater).

Expansion Pack: Special Forces

  • Special forces - works but is more unstable than BF2 main with the 7676 drivers
  • Avoid night vision goggles if possible as they cause crashes or massive slowdown.

Booster Packs: Euro Force and Armored Fury

  • The EA-Downloader doesn't work, so I had to download the Game on Windows (via VMware or on your second harddrive). Then I've copied the setup files back to my Linux Workstation and installed them.

Heres what he said:

"Now I can finally kick that nasty XP partition off of my system.

Anyway, to get the booster packs installed, I copied over the EA Downloader directory from Electronic Arts directory in my XP partition from Program Files, into the BF2/cdrive/PF/Electronic Arts directory. I made the last directory.

Then I changed all the permissions with Chmod 777 for every file with the recursive option.

Then I installed both of the packs using the BF2 GDDB profile. You need to do it this way to be able to play online because the validity check is built-in."

Battlefield 2: Complete Collections

The installer should work in 7 stages, Firstly in installs BF2 then it patches it to version 1.1 then installs BF2 SF then it installs the 1.4.1 patch then installs Euro Force and then Armoured Fury booster packs then it installs the 1.4.1 patch again.

Under Cedega it almost every time (I tried with versions 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.4, 6.1.0, 6.1.1, 7.0.1) installed BF2, failed to install the first patch, installed SF then failed to install the 1.4.1 patch. Both EF and AF will fail if the 1.4.1 patch isn't installed before they are. So when it pops up a box saying the patch failed, don't click ok, instead run another install and find the patch.exe (in the installations folder on the DVD), and run that. I found 6.0.4 and 6.1.0 the most reliable, when patching. Once the patch has run for the first time, the go back, ok the failed patch in the normal install and continue on to install EF and AF. Finally it'll try again to patch (and fail) again, don't click ok when it complains, instead run the patch again as before, then when complete, click ok and you're done.

Occasionally the patch seemed to fail (saying it couldn't find the game directory), this didn't happen as long as it was run before the aforementioned OK button was clicked.

Playable PB-Enabled Ranked Servers

  • On my system at least I could join many different servers. Most of them will kick me with the error message "Unknown Windows API Function [131124]" and a few others. I was not able to resolve it however there are servers that I could join and play for a long time that seems to be quite stable. I suspect that the processes running along with the architecture and PB version allows you to not get kicked out. The servers that have 64 I think for 64 bit arch allow you to stay in. Although there are many 64 servers that kick you too. Its something special that the server host probably did. I am looking into it. I thought I'd post the working ones here to see if anyone else has the same success results as I did.
  • These servers are all Ranked and have been tried multiple times on my Ubuntu Edgy Eft 6.10 GNU/Linux 32 bit system with fluxbox, metacity(GDM), and beryl Window Manager (WM)s. Fluxbox and metacity ran good. Fluxbox was the most efficient. I use the beryl-manager to switch managers now. I do not recommend having beryl enabled during game play as it could crash. The latest test was performed 04-24-07 with Cedega version 6.0 and BF2 FULL 1.41 patch.

BF2 RANKED SERVER LIST (Looking for more mirrors)



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