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A.R.C (Attack Retrieve Capture)

Publisher = Hoopy Entertainment
(1997 - 1998)
Total Entertainment Network
(1998 - 1999)
World Opponent Network
(2000 - 2001)
Sierra Entertainment
  (2001 - Current)


The game has developed into a cult hit since the first beta releases, and its small but devoted fanbase has followed it for several years. Initially ARC was hosted on a server rented out by Hoopy, and clients ran it via Hfront (Hoopy Front End). The original developers of ARC, John Vechey (jv) and Brian Fiete (bf), took ARC to Total Entertainment Network (TEN) (now in 1998 for its 1.0 release. In 1999, TEN went under and ARC appeared to go with it. But by December 1999, World Opponent Network (WON) had acquired ARC and began to run another beta test. During this time, WON attempted to make ARC a source of income, by adding advertisements into the game interface. However, the idea never got off the ground, and WON suffered the same fate as TEN in 2001. The future of ARC was again uncertain, but Sierra Entertainment kept ARC going under much the same operation as WON had. In 2002, development was handed to a community member called Err0r. Due to lack of co-operation from Sierra Entertainment, no patch has been released. In a fairly expected turn of events, Err0r resigned on April 21, 2005 handing leadership of the admin team to Goose, one of the first users of the game, and Sonique, a prominent admin


ARC has a very strong community, perhaps the reason for its longevity. Some players have played for close to 10 years. The length of time a player has played is somewhat of a status symbol within the community, and players are frequently classified by when they started playing (see the ARC Eras). The community also revolves around clans and leagues.

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